The Burleson Family



One of the first men of the mountains of what is now Avery County was named Wilson Burleson (called also Wilt) who married Frankie Davis, daughter of Corporal William Davis.  Wilson's grandson Aaron, a pioneer, swapped a hog rifle for all land extending from Minneapolis to Birchfield Creek.  Most of the Burlesons of Avery County spell their surname "Burleson" however, other spellings exist such as Burlison, Burletson and Burleyson.  Wilt was a descendent of Aaron Burleson of Revolutionary fame.

Burleson Family Display at The Avery County Historical Museum



Wilson Burleson Frank Burleson

Wilson Burleson Tombstone

at Burleson Cemetery

Died 25 Jul 1876, Age 71

Frankie Burleson Tombstone

at Burleson Cemetery

Died 4 Feb 1892, Age 83




Burleson Family Tree Hand Pointing - Left


Aaron Burleson Chapter of the DAR

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