The Civil War

In Avery County

Fortunately or unfortunately (whatever your persuasion) the South did not have enough men like Uncle Bill Mace - A man, who could put ten Yankees out of commission at one time..

- Frank Vance -

Although the families of present day Avery County owned few slaves and were not near any major battles, they suffered a worse time of it than most Southerners.  Because of the area's close proximity to Union supporters in Tennessee, the area had Yankee marauders ransacking the area constantly.  Many of the local men who had enlisted or were conscripted into the Confederacy deserted the army to come home to protect their families from these marauders and to try to put food on the table when there was none to be had.  The Confederate Army also caused problems in the area by punishing these deserters and confiscating what little food there was for the Army.  Then to top it off, small pox broke out. From The Monuments and Markers at Gettysburg CD Collection.  Onsale at the Avery Museum Bookstore.
North Carolina Memorial - Gettysburg, PA   From the CD "Monumental Battlefields - Gettysburg" on sale at the Avery Museum Store.


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58th North Carolina Regiment

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Keith & Malinda Blalock

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Avery County Civil War Pensions