The Families Of

Avery County

After all, here in the mountains, families stick together and blood is considered thicker than water.

- Frank Vance -


Aldridge Arnett Baker Banner Barrier Benfield Braswell Buchanan Burleson Carpenter Calloway Clark Coffey Cole Cornett Cuthbertsons Childs Daniels Davis Dellinger Denny Eller  Ellis English Estep Franklin Fox Garland Gragg Greene Grindstaff Guignard Gwyn Hall Hartley Heaton Henson Hicks Hoilman Holtsclaw  Houston Hughes Huskins Ingram Isaacs Jones Johnson Keller Lacey Laws Ledford  Lowe Mace Martin McCourry McKinney McLean Miller Norwood Oaks Ollis Painter Penland Phillips Pittman Pritchard Puckett Pyatte Robbins Rose Ruppard Shook Sluder Sloop Smith Stamey Street Stroupe Sudderth Tate Taylor Thompson Townsend Trivett Turbyfill Underwood Vance Von Cannon Webb White Wilson Wise Wiseman Woodie Woody Wright and Young


Australian Gum Tree The Family Trees of Avery County stand tall and proud for Avery Countians have worked diligently for generations to preserve their rich mountain heritage.

"Because people make history, our citizens show an intense interest in the events of the past and are displaying an eagerness more than ever in local history;  too, they have become eagerly interested in genealogy.  All mountaineers enjoy a good anecdote.  The people of Avery County are not all descendants of pioneers who came into this rugged land a good many generations ago, but we are proud of those and their descendants who can trace their ancestry to the four points of the compass...  As a rule, our families are close-knit units and family pride exists no higher on earth than here.  No stronger love for America and the American flag can be found anywhere in our country.  We are proud of our inheritance, which for our rugged pioneer ancestors and several generations meant hardship, often disappointing toil, loneliness, self-sufficiency and a struggle for survival."     - Horton Cooper - 



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Hand Pointing - Left


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