The Grave of Captain Robert Sevier Located in Avery County

"It is practically impossible for me to dwell very long on the old timers like William Wiseman and so many others, who graced our hills so many years ago, without drifting for a short time into one of the biggest events that ever took place in our mountains - an event that William and others lived through and helped accomplish.  I am, of course, referring to the great march to King's Mountain.  The men of our ridges and valleys stopped the everyday jobs of clearing the land, and grubbing out a lifing between stumps to fall in with the men who had been mustered together at Elizabethton, Tennessee - the 'Over the Mountain Men.'  All the lowlands had been conquered - British victory seemed inevitable.  But!  when the word was sent into the mountain country for our forefathers to surrender or else have their homes and property destroyed, an unexpected answer was literally fired back.  The mountain men came marching down and met the notorious British commander Ferguson at the now famous King's Mountain."

 - From "Aunt Zona's Web" by Arizona Hughes -

The Overmountain Men and the Battle of Kings Mountain

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