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Uncle Jake Carpenter

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He was born January 4, 1833 on Three Mile Creek, N.C. and at the age of 22, married Evaline Pyatte.  Jacob Carpenter II, affectionately called Uncle Jake, is a well known man in this area of western North Carolina because of a type of diary he kept, which is now known as "Uncle Jake Carpenter's Anthology of Death."  Jake called it his "Son-of-a-Gun Book" or his "Jot-em-down-Book."  It was a red-backed account ledger where Jake noted when someone in the local area died.  He would write the person's name, date of death and a brief note about the deceased.  From 1845 until 1920 he recorded the deaths of many of the local citizens with his limited knowledge of spelling or grammar.
Photo of Uncle Jake taken by Lenoir Franklin


Uncle Jake's Anthology of Death


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